2017 'Photo Paintings', Waldorf Astoria, Berlin

2016  'ArtPhoto Budapest', ARTCO Galerie, Budapest

2016  'SILENT SILHOUETTES', Galerie Uterstaedt, Berlin

2015  ‘Peng', KOMM, Wolfenbüttel

2015  ‘Lost In Color', Jenny Falckenberg, Hamburg

2015  ‘Proud Collectors' (group show), Berlin Gallery Weekend

2015  ‘1. Kunst- und Wein-Dinner‘, Q!, Kitzbühel

2014  ‘MIAMI TWICE‘, Woeske Gallery, Berlin

2014  ‘MIDNIGHT ART‘ (group show), Jenny Falckenberg, Hamburg

2014  ‘Crime Scene FOTO NOIR‘, exhibition and performance, Berlin Gallery Weekend

2014  ‘Warten Auf Die Hausdurchsuchung‘, Berlin

2013  ‘Artgeschoss’, Wolfenbüttel

2012  ‘Stars In Disguise’, Berlin-Moscow, Berlin

2011  ‘Staged Photography’, Galerie Fasanen37, Berlin

2011  ‘Gallery Show’ Galerie GESS, Düsseldorf

2011  ‘The Good, The Bad & The Beauty’, Galerie Fasanen37, Berlin

2011   art.fair 21 / Blooom, International Art Fair Cologne

2011  ‘Kunst im Pool’ Galerie GESS, Düsseldorf

2010  ‘Gallery Show’ Strychnin Gallery, Berlin

2010   art.fair 21 / Blooom, International Art Fair Cologne

2009  ‘Gallery Show’ Strychnin Gallery, Berlin

2009   Premium International’, Fashion Trade Show, Berlin

2008  ‘Fotobild’, International Foto Art Fair, Berlin

2008  ‘The Good, The Bad & The Beauty’ in cooperation with ‚Preview Berlin Art Fair’, Berlin

2008   Wrap Event ‘Inglourious Basterds’ in cooperation with Quentin Tarantino, Berlin

2007  ‘Group' Galerie Zellermayer, Berlin

Prizes (excerpts)

2008 “Best Movie”, Lichter Filmtage Frankfurt, Video Kings

2004 “Friederich-Wilhelm Murnau Prize”, German Film Award, Dark Ages

2004 “Best Director”, DKF-Multimedia Group, Dark Ages

2003 “Outstanding”-Award by the National German Film Board, Dark Ages

2003 “Outstanding” Director Citation, Flensburger Film Festival, Dark Ages

2002 “Comet” Best National Music Video, Die Toten Hosen ‘Bayern’

2001 “World Bronze Medal”, The New York Festivals, Manfred das Schaf

2000 “Golden Icarus Award” for Advertising Film in London, L&M Cigarettes

The German-American Ralph Ali Eckert, born in Miami, has been awarded numerous prizes for his work.  His art is internationally being collected by the Zagoras Collection, Collection Sander, Collection Neumann-Hug, German Art Fund Hungary and several private collectors.

Eckert's over-all topic is ‚story telling'. Mystical and absract or visionary narrative.  In his art Eckert leaves parts away.  The missing links are unconsciously added by the viewer.  Thus, the spectator creates his own story.

Eckert's early apprenticeship as a photographer gave him his basic skills, his degree in art school sharpened his sense for style and aesthetics and finally his work as a feature film writer/director gave him the ability to create fictitious worlds and characters.  It all leads into his art.