The photo series SWEATS is a homage to punk rock songs and their bands.  The pictures are named after songs and the texts lines are taken from their lyrics.  

The Ramones (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow), The Damned (Machine Gun Etiquette), Dead Kennedys (California Über Alles) are bands that have significantly influenced modern rock music by provoking rebellion and non-conformity.  

SWEATS picks up these punk rock anthems and combines them with classic B-movies themes and Men’s Adventure Magazines from the 30’s to the 60’s:  Good and evil; strong men and sexy women.  Simple and clear with action packed scenes.  

 Punk rock and B-movies have a lot in common.  Minimal production conditions, undogmatic style and, above all, their DIY attitude (“do it yourself”).

The photos remain consistently true to these principles.  and lifts the trashy, B-movie content to its own art form. Starring two renowned German actors: Wotan Wilke Möhring and Nadeshda Brennicke. 

The SWEATS call out for “Sex and Violence” and “Death and Glory.”